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AK COVID-19 Dashboard. (2020).

Transmission. In an Anchorage Daily News COVID-19 and online resources video (2020, April 4) Dr. Anne Zink (2020, April 4) reminded us that

Lack of available information and research is part of the reason for the extreme measures of social distancing and ongoing business interruptions.

The Red Cross needs blood donations. Find a blood drive near you.

Symptoms. Flu like symptoms may last several days and include

Vulnerability. Anyone can get sick. Reports are saying that it affects young and old alike. Risks are not significantly greater due to age or race, but because of social and health conditions, such as

Testing. Please be aware that counterfeit tests have been sold to unsuspecting Alaskans.

Testing may be required if there are symptoms, or when working in close proximity with others, to limit the spread of the disease. Labs in Anchorage and Fairbanks are open seven days for testing of COVID-19, HIV, hepatitis, mumps, rubeola, herpes, rabies, norovisus, influenza, varicella zoster. They also provide viral detection services to public and private health professionals around the state.

Treatment. According to the CDC website (2020), most people can recover at home from mild illness. But if there are breathing complications, seek help immediately. Lung support, breathing assistance may become necessary as the disease runs its course.

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