salmon skiff

We fish for salmon every summer in a remote part of Alaska. This is a picture of Mary and Abel with a small load of sockeye (red) salmon. We have fished the same area for three generations. We are part of the ecosystem here. The fish depend on us because if too many fish get into the river they starve and die off. State biologists install counters in the river and count the fish as they go up. When the river has too many fish, they count on us to fish longer hours.

Fish Delivery


We sometimes run a fish tender, F.V. Brisk, a 40' boat, to deliver fish from the remote campsite to Kenai, some 60 miles away. The route can become dangerous, depending on the weather. One time we had trouble reading the radar and ran into a sandbar. Luckily, the sand is soft and we were able to steer into deeper water.